Family Vacations in Vitznau


Exciting Days on Lake Lucerne for the Whole Family

Vacation time is the best time, especially when the trip takes you to Vitznau. Located in a idyllic bay on Lake Lucerne, Vitznau is the ideal starting point for excursions with the whole family. Whether on leisurely hikes or adventurous activities, in Vitznau boredom is nonexistent.

Family Holidays in Vitznau Make Childrens Eyes Shine

Verkehrshaus Luzern
Kleiner Junge im Seilpark | © Seilpark Rigi
Hölloch | © Marcel Rota
Standseilbahn Stoos | © Stoos-Muotatal Tourismus

Foxtrails in Vitznau

In the Foxtrails, scavenger hunts that playfully explore the towns of Weggis and Vitznau, every member of the family can be involved. By solving riddles and puzzles, the team tracks down the fox — a challenge that demands every mind in the family.

Two Foxtrails start directly in Vitznau:


· Duration: approximately 2.5 hours

· Starting point: Rigibahn Vitznau Train Station, Bahnhofstrasse 7

· Destination: Weggis

  • Duration: 1 to 1.5 hours
  • Starting Point: Bahnhof Rigibahn Vitznau, Bahnhofstrasse 7
  • Ending Point: Vitznau

Discover other Foxtrails in the immediate vicinity, such as on the Klewenalp and in Lucerne.

Minigolf on the Rigi and at Lake Lucerne

No other miniature golf course has such a spectacular view. The spacious facility overlooking the lake is beautifully embedded in the landscape. If you miss a hole, it’s probably not the fault of your stroke, but of the landscape.

The mini golf course in Küssnacht-am-Rigi, directly on the lake, is set up with beach chairs. Families are sure to have fun. 


Boat Trips from Vitznau

A boat trip from Vitznau makes a delightful afternoon excursion for the whole family, whether a short distance or a roundtrip around the lake. The walk from Weggis to Hertenstein, accessible by a short boat ride, is especially suited for families with children and easily doable with a stroller. Several restaurants en route make perfects spots for a break. At the boat station in Hertenstein you can get back on board to head back to the starting point in Vitznau.

Technology enthusiasts will enjoy riding on the nostalgic steamboats, which allow glimpses of the engine room and the pounding steam engines. Departing from Vitznau, pleasant round trips can be combined with activities around Lake Lucerne.

Capture the moments in pictures: the Rachmaninoff Quai near the Hertenstein boat station is the perfect place for a family photo, with a particularly beautiful view over Lake Lucerne

Sledding Fun on Kulm

One of the most popular winter activities is sledding - fun for the whole family. The quick tour starts on prepared pistes with amazing views down into the valley. On the way down take a break in a restaurant or two and warm up with a hot chocolate or tea - it’ll give you strength for the onward journey! Because sledding is so much fun, the Rigibahn train runs continuously to bring tobogganists back up to the top. 


Time for Two on Lake Lucerne

After the children have let off steam in the playgrounds and climbing parks, parents can enjoy being together in the publicly accessible spas on the Rigi, in the spas of the hotels in Vitznau, or with dinner for two in a lakeview restaurant. The sunset over Lake Lucerne with the imposing Swiss Alps in the background is particularly picturesque. 

Magical moments for two can also be found with stand-up-paddling. At sunset the cliffs over Vitznau glow with a warm red hue. Steer your board towards them and you’ll see the enormous Swiss flag unfurled proudly across the cliffs of the Rigi.

EVERything under one roof 

Swiss Holiday Park

The Swiss Holiday Park is the largest holiday and leisure resort in Switzerland. Perched above Lake Lucerne in the lovely village of Morschach, it offers numerous indoor and outdoor activities. Within this breathtaking mountain panorama, families enjoy a full and multifaceted holiday. 

Accommodations for Family Holidays