Discover Hiking Trails in Vitznau 

Vitznau Parkwald - Bachlauf
easy - T1
Stroll through the Park Forest
Route: 1.8 km
Elevation Gain : 95 hm
Duration : 0.75 h
This hike leads past some architectural highlights and is ideal for exploring Vitznau on foot. Arriving in the park forest, enjoy the fairytale-like quiet atmosphere and the ambient splashing of the waterfall.
Panoramaweg Vitznau - Räckholderen
easy - T1
Panorama Trail through Vitznau
Route: 6 km
Elevation Gain : 268 hm
Duration : 2 h
The Panoramaweg can be divided into three stages. At a leisurely pace, hikers pass the Rigi Railway depot, with many historic locomotives and saloon cars, and splendid lakeside villas.
Panoramaweg Vitznau - Übergang Rigi Bahn bei Platten
easy - T1
Panorama Trail Light
Route: 3.3 km
Elevation Gain : 120 hm
Duration : 1 h
The Panorama Trail Light is optimally laid out for a discovery tour of Vitznau with a stroller. Impressive buildings and fantastic vantage points line the path. A beautiful walk to discover Vitznau at your own pace.
Höhenweg Vitznau - Wanderweg Gebetschwil
medium - T2
High-altitude Hike to the Steigelfadbalm Cave
Route: 13 km
Elevation Gain : 788 hm
Duration : 4.75 h
The path leads hikers from Vitznau to the Steigelfadbalm Cave at 975 meters above sea level, with loads to discover. The hike leads through striking natural formations of rocks and streams, and path leads back via the Wissifluh gondola.
medium - T2
Off The Beaten Track - the Vitznau Alps
Route: 16.9 km
Elevation Gain : 1190 hm
Duration : 6.75 h
This hike leads along 'roads less-traveled,' delighting hikers with wonderful views and a variety of fauna and showcasing traditional mountain agriculture. A beautiful, multifaceted tour.
Vitznauerstock - Aussicht auf Hinterbergen
difficult - T3
The Great Classic: Vitznauerstock
Route: 10.5 km
Elevation Gain : 1057 hm
Duration : 5.25 h
This loop trail to the Vitznauerstock peak at 1,450 meters above sea level is beautiful, varied, and peaceful at the same time. The hiking trail is well signposted and the most difficult and exposed places are secured with ropes.

Good to Know

The various trails are classified into levels of difficulty T1 to T6. The colored markings follow the Swiss hiking trail standards (SWW), which are as follows:

  • Hiking Trains Yellow = T1 (Hiking)
  • Mountain Trails (regular and challenging): White-Red-White = T2 bis T3 
  • Alpine Routes (regular and challenging): White-Blue-White = T4 bis T5 
  • Difficult Alpine Routes: T6 (no colored markings)

Hiking in Vitznau