Hikes with Strollers

Panorama Trail Light

3.3 km
435 - 526 AMSL
120 hm
435 AMSL 435 AMSL
1 h
Starting Point
Bahnhofstrasse 2
6354 Vitznau
Panoramaweg Vitznau - Übergang Rigi Bahn bei Platten

Discover Hiking Trails in Vitznau 

The Panoramaweg light is optimally laid out for a tour of discovery through Vitznau with a stroller. Interesting architecture and fantastic scenic points line the way. A beautiful walk to discover Vitznau at your own pace.


Discover Hiking Trails in Vitznau 

The path starts at the boat station, goes along the lake and leads past the Rigi depot on the right in the direction of Gersau. The distinctive glazed Rigi Bahn depot facing the lake was built by the architect Boyer Marus from Lucerne between 1983 and 1991. A few meters later, turn right on Seestrasse where you will see the next impressive building, the Hotel Vitznauerhof. The property used to be a shipyard where the paddle steamers Germania and Italia were assembled and launched in 1870. In 1896, the Franz Michel hotel family bought the property and built the Hotel Vitznauerhof. It was built in Art Nouveau and Swiss regional style and opened in May 1901.

Continue in the direction of Gersau to the Altdorf part of the village, past new buildings and the lakeside villa district. On the property of today's Villa Dossengrund, the first villa after the Vitznauerhof, there used to be a sawmill by the lake. The villa's owners, the Staehelin-Maeglin family, have an interesting connection to the Titanic: in 1912, Max Staehelin-Maeglin embarked on a business trip to New York on the ill-fated ship, due to economic difficulties. He was one of the lucky few to be rescued and returned to Europe after completing his work in the US. In 1928 Max Stähelin-Maeglin became President of the Swiss Bank Corporation.

But back to the hike: the walk continues along the road to the protective dam. Turning right, there is a viewpoint at the dam with a stunning view over the lake. The old lido of Vitznau is on the bottom left.

After this short excursion, cross the Seestrasse and continue walking next to the protective dam. The path leads along the forest and up to point 550 Rüti. After reaching the forest road, turn left down towards the village.

At the bridge, a cozy barbecue area with a fireplace, wood supply, and benches awaits hikers. And because breaks are usually more boring than relaxing for children, there are climbing opportunities right alongside for their diversion.

Once everyone has regained their strength, follow the path down to the left after the bridge, past the Wissifluh and Hinterbergen cable cars and on to the sports field. From here you can choose: take the direct route back to the village or to the bus and boat station

To discover more, turn right at the sports field and follow the path to the Mühlenbach and the waterfall. If you look closely, you can see openings in the rock. These are former openings of the artillery fortress from the second world war. The walk continues up to the Plattenbänkli, with a wonderful view of Lake Lucerne and the surrounding Swiss mountains. The chestnut trees, newly planted, are particularly beautiful to look at. 

From here it is difficult to continue with a stroller because of the steps on the way to the village. It's the same way back to the sports field and from there through the old village center in the direction of the Rigi Bahn.



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