Horseback Riding & Carriage Rides

Kutschenfahrt durch Vitznau | © Pferdehof Buholz Kutschenfahrt durch Vitznau | © Pferdehof Buholz

Adventures with Animals for Young and Old 

Gain your first experience with riding and enjoy the closeness with the horses. Or take a carriage ride into the sunset over Lake Lucerne. On the horse farm Buholz, holiday dreams come true.

Riding Lessons for Children, Teenagers and Adults

Riding lessons for beginners up to primary school-age are based on the Hippolini concept. This successful pedagogical model teaches children a balanced seat, the proper care of horses, and knowledge about their maintenance attuned to the species and sensitive treatment of the animals.

Individual riding lessons are offered to children who have completed Hippolini courses, teenagers, and adults. You can also book a horseback riding excursion in the beautiful natural setting of Vitznau.

Holidays on Horseback

Children experience maximum riding fun with the holiday offers of the Buholz horse farm.

Carriage Rides through Vitznau

Exploring the area on a horse-drawn carriage is always a wonderful experience. Whether alone, in a tête-à-tête, or with the whole family, guests will always have their wishes met by the personalized offerings of Bettina and Pirmin Küttel.

Riding a carriage to your own Wedding is particularly romantic. Directly from the hotel, couples can enjoy undisturbed moments in a dreamlike atmosphere on the way to the wedding or reception.

Accompanied by the sunset over Lake Lucerne, the horse-drawn carriage ride is unforgettable. 

Care to slip into the role of the coachman yourself? This is also possible at the Buholz horse farm!

Kutschenfahrt durch Vitznau | © Pferdehof Buholz

Further Leisure Time Activities in Vitznau