Culture in & around Vitznau

Fasnacht | © Heidi Duss-Bürgi Fasnacht | © Heidi Duss-Bürgi

Cultural Highlights on Lake Lucerne

The history of Vitznau and the Rigi is vividly evoked in the regional museum and in the artillery fortress — perfect options for entertaining afternoons.

Vitznau, Weggis, and Lucerne also provide the beautiful setting for a diverse range of events including festivals, concerts, theater performances, and markets.


Regional Museum Vitznau

Local history and customs are brought to life in the Regional Museum of Vitznau. Visitors learn fascinating details about the traditional trade and livelihoods and dive into the era of the Belle Epoque and the heyday of early international tourism. 


Artillery Fortress Vitznau

A witness to history during the Second World War and the subsequent years of the Cold War, today the artillery fortress in Vitznau welcomes visitors for an unforgettable visit to a unique museum. Here the authentic stories of the last fortress wardens take visitors back to the bygone era of the Swiss National Redoubt military strategy. In addition to weekly public tours, the fortress team is also pleased to organise tours on an individual basis. Overnight stays are also possible. 

Culture in Vitznau

When the leaves change color in autumn, it is time for the Alpabzug, the migration of the cows from the mountain meadows down to the valley, and the harvest celebration Sennenchilbi - living traditions that are well worth experiencing. 

Culture is also a priority in the wintertime. Every December the Trychlers process solemnly through the town, carrying bells of hammered tin that fill the night with echoes of mystical clanging sounds. 

This custom is rooted in the distant past and the wish of our pagan ancestors to frighten away evil spirits in the long, dark nights before the winter solstice. 

Those wishing to broaden their cultural horizons are in the right place in Lucerne, with its diverse cultural program, from classical music, to, rock to theatre. 

Rounding out the cultural offerings are the major festivals and top-class artists who regularly appear at the internationally renowned Culture and Congress Center Lucerne (KKL). 

In 2023, a new chamber music hall for 300 guests will open in Vitznau. This event space complements the wide range of musical training and further education offered at Das Morgen ( 

Reformierte Markuskirche Vitznau
Fahnenschwinger | © Heidi Duss-Bürgi
Atelier Leonardo

Experience Tradition & Handicrafts in Vitznau