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Enjoy Locally Produced Delicacies from Lake Lucerne

Exquisite star cuisine, lovingly made regional products and selected specialties can be found on every corner in Vitznau. Guests discover genuine Swiss specialties in production facilities with years of tradition and on the local “hiesige-Märt” market.

Star Restaurants in Vitznau

Starred Restaurants in Vitznau

You can eat excellently in many places in Vitznau. In the star kitchen of the restaurants PRISMA and Focus Atelier in the Park Hotel in Vitznau, guests can enjoy modern and creative cuisine. In the Restaurant Sens, chef Jeroen Achtien spoils you with taste experiences at the highest level. And in the gourmet restaurant Regina Montium, the cuisine is regional, seasonal, authentic and made exclusively with herbs from our own alpine garden.

Restaurant Sens | © Hotel Vitznauerhof
Restaurant Sens | © Hotel Vitznauerhof
Restaurant PRISMA | © Park Hotel Vitznau
Restaurant PRISMA | © Park Hotel Vitznau

Peak Pleasure in Mountain Restaurants

In the mountain restaurants Hinterbergen and Kuorez, many ingredients are not only local, they are actually produced in the surrounding alpine farms. The path from farm to table couldn't be any shorter.

Market Days in Vitznau

At the "hiesige-Märt",  Vitznau‘s local market, connoisseurs fill their baskets with delicacies from the region. From A for apple rings to Z for goat cheese (Ziegenkäse) - local producers sell their lovingly made specialties here every month.

In the premises of the regional museum, the market spoils visitors with regional delicacies. 

Fresh fish specialities are available from one of the few professional fishermen on Lake Lucerne. Early in the morning every day, Martin Zimmermann rides out onto the lake and hopes for a good catch. The fresh rarities as well as smoked fish from Lake Lucerne can be obtained either directly from the Zimmermann fishery in Vitznau or in the village center on Thursday afternoons.

Fresh Fish from Lake Lucerne

As beautiful as Lake Lucerne’s clear water is to look at, its professional fishers do not always have it easy. Due to the small yield, fresh fish from Lake Lucerne is particularly exclusive. The fishermen do their utmost to ensure that guests can enjoy fish specialties such as smoked trout.

Fresh Beer from Vitznau

In the Vitznauer Brewery, visitors encounter true beer culture. One to two brews of beer are produced every week, all by hand. The result: light, aromatic beer with fresh malt notes, exclusive and wholesome. The beer is also available in the Volg supermarket in Vitznau.

Vineyards of Vitznau 

Since 2005, the Mätzli farm has dedicated itself to wine production. At 500 to 600 meters above sea level on the southern flank of the Rigi, fruity and full-bodied wines are made from two grape varietals. The grapes are grown and pressed according to organic guidelines.

High-proof spirits are also produced in our own schnapps distillery.

The best way to convince yourself of the quality of the processed fruit is a tour of the vineyards and tastings, available for groups of four or more.

The farm's holiday apartment with a stunning view of Lake Lucerne invites you to linger for several days.


 Quality Local Products from the Rigi Southern Slopes

In numerous organic farms in Vitznau, local products are made with special dedication. Animal welfare and the sustainable use of resources play an important role.

Fresh Produce from the Grubisalm Organic Farm

The Biohof Grubisalm on the sunny southern side of the Rigi is known among the locals for its excellent-tasting organic meat and vegetables. No wonder, the animals grow up under the best conditions. Herbs and vegetables are particularly aromatic thanks to the sunny location.

Specialties from the Halidhof in Weggis

The Halidhof  farm and distillery offers a wide range of agricultural specialties. For several generations the products have been manufactured with great care and free of additives. The farm shop offers specialties ranging from brandies to cider, mustard, vinegar and fruity spreads. The products are offered for sale in their own farm shop and at selected retailers.. 

Hikers on the „Waldstätterweg“ trail between Weggis and Küssnacht am Rigi can expect a warm welcome at the Halidhof. Over a coffee or a glass of cider, sit back and enjoy the spectacular view over Lake Lucerne and the mountains.  

Chocolate from the Felchlin Factory

A visit to the Felchlin chocolate factory is a must. Since 1908, the top-notch chocolate of Felchin has been sweetening Swiss palates. Just a few kilometers from Vitznau, the factory shop offers visitors the chance to taste the finest variations for themselves. 

Chocolate Rondos | © MAX FELCHLIN AG

Coffee from the Hosennen Roasters

Spicy and strong or rather floral and noble? In the Hosennen coffee roastery in Gersau, Patrik Hosennen offers an exclusive range of aromatic options. Personal contact with the coffee farmers, who ensure the exceptional quality, is particularly important to him. The proximity to the producers, Patrik Hosennen's passion and his extraordinary sensory ability result in a coffee specialties that must be tasted.  

Tip: Every Tuesday from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., the roastery welcomes visitors for tastings.

Cheese Specialties from Heiri Hutter

Heinrich Hutter – known to the locals as Heiri – lives right next to the Rigi train station Freiberger above Vitznau. On his mountain farm, he produces specialties such as creamy sheep cheese and semi-hard goat and sheep cheeses. The delicacies are stored in his own small but exquisite cheese cellar.

Cheese Specialties from the Chäserenholz Dairy

Just a few minutes’ walk below Rigi Kulm is the Alp Chäserenholz. The fabulous location offers a sweeping view of the Schwyzer Alps and the Mittelland. In additiona to a cozy pub and overnight accommodation, for several years the cheese dairy has been an important part. Every summe the alpine farmer Franz-Toni Kennel produces up to 12,000 kilograms of alpine cheese. A total of 50 cows provide him with fresh milk, from which up to 15 different types of cheese, as well as butter and yoghurt, are made and sold on site.

The cheese dairy is open for visits. Personal tours with Franz-Toni Kennel are also possible by appointment.

Tip: When visiting the cheese dairy, be sure to try one of the fine cheese menus such as raclette or fondue.

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