Traditions and Handicrafts in Vitznau

Schweizerfahne | © Herby-Foto-Art Schweizerfahne | © Herby-Foto-Art

Customs from Mount Rigi to Lake Lucerne

The people in Vitznau are proud of their customs. Traditions like Trychlen, a solemn procession of hammered tin bells, the Sennenchilbis and Sennenspiele, festivals celebrating the harvest, the carnival, the brewing of beer, or the hanging of the giant Swiss flag are carrried on. In Vitznau something is on during every season.

Nostalgic Rides with the Rigi Bahn and Steamboats

Steam locomotives and ships have been in operation for decades, bringing passengers to the most beautiful sites. Almost every experience around Vitznau can be combined with a steamboat ride, whether the path to the next hike or a tour around Lake Lucerne.

Mountain Farming in Vitznau

Due to the steepness of the mountain meadows, and the diverse nature on the Rigi southern slope, the process of maintaining and caring for them is laborious and manual. The landscape is of national interest and offers a great diversity of species from rare plants and animals to reforested chestnut groves. In addition, they contribute high-quality, often rare agricultural products to the local gastronomy.

Fishermen on Lake Lucerne

Fishing on Lake Lucerne has become an increasingly difficult endeavor over the years. Martin Zimmerman is one of the few professional fisherman who still supplies the restaurants and markets with fresh fish specialties, day after day. 

Vitznau Brewery –Vitznau's Very Own Beer

133 years after shutting down, in 2017 the Vitznau brewery was officially put back into operation. Today, aromatic beer is brewed here through an elaborate manual process, brewed by locals and very popular with guests. 

Local Wineries – In Vino Vitznau

The wineries produce fruity, full-bodied wines, which can be sampled at tastings - with a view. 

The Giant Swiss Flag on the Rigi Massif

Finally, there is the Swiss flag, proudly presented every year on the rock face of the Steigelfadbalm-Dossen.

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