Rarities from Lake Lucerne

Dining with a stunning view of the lake and a plate of freshly caught fish … sound tempting? It is! Getting the fish from Lake Lucerne onto the table requires the hard work of passionately dedicated fishermen. The conditions on Lake Lucerne become more difficult from year to year and the catch yields due to the high water quality are challenging. But the resulting quality is excellent.

Martin Zimmerman is one of the few who has remained true to the vocation of professional fisherman. Every day he catches both classics and rarities from Lake Lucerne and supplies restaurants and local markets.

The Challenge of Commercial Fishing

Being a fisherman is definitely not a cakewalk. On Lake Lucerne, increasingly few people devote themselves to fishing. Not only due the demanding working hours, but also to the difficulty of the work and great effort required to catch just one kilo of viable fish. The fishing yield is influenced by many factors: weather conditions, climate, and the nutrient content of the water are just a few.

A Day in the Life of a Fisherman

At a time when night owls are just going to bed, fisherman Martin Zimmerman’s alarm clock is ringing. His working day starts at 3:45 a.m. with the inspection of his nets. The catch is made and then processed at home for delivery. In the afternoon, catering establishments are supplied. Then it's usually back to the lake to repair broken nets or replace them.


Martin Zimmermann is not only a local supplier of numerous restaurants; he also sells directly to locals and guests: 

Fischerei Seestern
Seestrasse 108
6354 Vitznau

From lake lucerne

Fresh Fish Specialties 

The nets of commercial fishermen are mostly tilled with Albeli – a local specialty – whitefish and perch. Pike and lake trout are represented in smaller numbers.

One of the rarities from Lake Lucerne is the burbot, a cod-like freshwater fish with tender flesh and few bones. The liver of this fish is particularly sought after, and its quality was already appreciated by the Romans already. Those who manage to get hold of such a delicacy can consider themselves lucky, as these fish rarely make it to the refrigerated counters of shops.

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