Vitznau –the Magic of the Lucerne Riviera

Small but beautiful - Vitznau is a magical place on Lake Lucerne, where traditions live on and nature is nurtured with love. Come discover why Vitznau is cherished those who like to dine well, celebrate memorably, or simply enjoy calm and inspiration.
Aussichtspunkt Oberi Nase | © Herby-Foto-Art Aussichtspunkt Oberi Nase | © Herby-Foto-Art

Idyllic Location on Lake Lucerne 

This lakeside mountain village, idyllically embedded in the landscape, offers visitors a wide range of leisure activities. The route towards these activities is traditionally covered by historical steam boats, steam locomotives, and aerial tramways. Sports enthusiasts will find challenges on Mount Rigi and the surrounding peaks. Those seeking rest and recuperation can relax in quiet places away from tourist crowds.


Spring is on its way ... 

Flowers are beginning to bloom, tree buds are readying to reveal their magic, the sun's rays are growing warmer, and the days are getting longer. It's the perfect time to take your first hikes and spend some time out in Vitznau! On the Lucerne Riviera, with its incomparable microclimate, spring starts earlier than anywhere else in German-speaking Switzerland. So let's spring into spring! 

The season's first highlight arrives with the varied Hiking Week, from April 25 to May 2, offering guided tours and an attractive supporting program.

If a romantic weekend is more your speed, the hotels of Vitznau are ideal. And you'll never lack for culinary treats. Vitznau's selection of restaurants is outstanding and offers something for every taste, from traditional dishes to Michelin-starred fine dining.

Welcome to the Lucerne Riviera!

Forward Thinking – Indulgence and Inspiration

If you like to indulge your tastebuds, come admire Vitznau’s innovative top culinary sites, visit the local market, go shopping in the organic shop, or make an excursion to local producers - there is always something new to discover in Vitznau. Guests and locals alike can savor innovative and traditional culinary concepts, opportunities for research and training, and musical delights. 

The sun sinks slowly over Lake Lucerne - a magical moment in Vitznau - after a jam-packed day.
health and rejuvenation 

Matters of the Heart – Nature and Tradition

The preservation of nature is a special concern of Vitznau's people. Its farms are fully committed to protecting nature and biodiversity and produce fresh, healthy products directly for Vitznau's culinary venues. The clear, cool waters of Lake Lucerne offer not only a welcome change of temperature in the summer, but also incredible opportunities to explore the aquatic world at the surface level - or from below! 

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