Fast-paced fun on the Rigi


Schlitten-Abfahrt | © Pilatus-Bahnen AG Schlitten-Abfahrt | © Pilatus-Bahnen AG

Winter Adventures for the Whole Family

Relaxed up the mountain with the Rigi-Bahn, adventurous into the valley  on the sled: the Rigi is the ideal starting point for sledding. Whether you’re on a getaway for two,  a weekend with Ferien mit Freunden oder im Familienurlaub, tobogganing is fun for everyone.

The most popular run is from Rigi Kulm to Rigi Klösterli, whizzing down into the valley on various routes up to four kilometres long. The magnificent views of the surrounding Swiss mountains constantly surround you on the descent. 

And because the second time around is even more fun, special trains run continuously to carry sledders back to the start. Once there you can either choose the same route again or choose a new adventure.

Further toboggan runs start from Staffelhöhe or from Rigi Burggeist.

Rental Spots for Sleds 

On the Rigi Kulm, right next to the mountain station, sleds can be rented in the Rigi Kulm rental center. So that even the youngest visitors stay safe, special child seats are available to rent. 

Toboggans can also be rented in the Rigi Sport Kiosk in Rigi Kaltbad or in the Rigi Burggeist rental center.

Culinary Stops on the Rigi

Sledding awakens the appetite, which is exactly why the paths are dotted with restaurants where you can warm up and build strength for the onward journey.

Stop and enjoy: that's the motto on the sled run from Rigi Kulm to Rigi Kloesterli via Schwändi. The route leads directly past the Chäserenholz alpine farm. If you don't make a stopover on beautiful, fog-free winter days, you'll miss many Swiss cheese specialties. With great love for the craft, the Älpler Franz-Toni Kennel puts up up to 12,000 kilograms of cheese.


Another recommended stop on the sled run is the Lok 7 restaurant with its beautiful sun terrace or the self-service restaurant Bahnhöfli right next to the Rigi train station Rigi Staffel. Here the most diverse culinary wishes of the guests are fulfilled.

Winter Holidays on Lake Lucerne

Snow-capped peaks, white-clad trees, and a bright sun beating down on sub-zero temperatures make the smooth surface of Lake Lucerne sparkle. In their wintry costumes, the landscapes of Vitznau and the Rigi invites you to exciting holidays of sledding, skiing or wellness, in this beautiful setting.