The Great Classic: Vitznauerstock

10.5 km
438 - 1450 AMSL
1057 hm
438 AMSL 438 AMSL
5.25 h
Starting Point
Bahnhofstrasse 2
6354 Vitznau
Vitznauerstock - Aussicht auf Hinterbergen

Discover Hiking Trails in Vitznau 

The hike starts at the boat station in Vitznau in the direction of the village center and the Catholic Church of St. Hieronymus, past the Rütli restaurant. It goes up through the Oberdorf and past the two cable car stations Hinterbergen and Wissifluh. At the climbing walls, follow the path to the right over the bridge. Here there is already the first opportunity for picnicking and barbecuing. The fire pit after the bridge is equipped with a grill, a supply of firewood and seating. It continues uphill along the forest road. From the Jüsti-Stein, named after a village original, the view of the village of Vitznau is particularly beautiful. On the Irene-Keller-Weg, hikers can see the mountain station of the Wissifluh cable car and the summit cross of the Vitznauerstock.

There is a cross and an old bench on the Rütiweg section. From here you can enjoy a 180-degree panorama over Vitznau, Lake Lucerne and the mountains. With a bit of luck, wild animals can be observed here.

The hiking trail continues into the breast forest to a refuge and the Sankt Antöni. There is a wayside shrine and benches on which hikers can relax in the shade after the strenuous ascent. After the rest, it goes through a rock fall area with a steady incline and narrow paths. Nature is becoming more and more original, like in a fairytale world, where only the leaves rustle in the wind and the water murmurs.

In the Mülleregg forest section you come back to the present, the path now leads uphill over gratings and stairs. There are ropes on the rock face for safety. Finally, the path leads past the Vitznau-Wissifluh cable car station and the Berghotel Wissifluh at 946 meters above sea level. There is a small self-service kiosk in the shed.

Next to the Wissifluh there is a nine meter high wooden observation tower. Its platform offers a fantastic view of Lake Lucerne and the Buochs ​​airfield.

The hike goes past the Holzschopf and across the pastureland on the border between the two cantons of Lucerne (Vitznau) and Schwyz (Gersau).

At the signpost 1154 Ober Urmi one is often greeted by highland cattle. The path continues a little further before it goes back into the forest. Wooden and stone stairs are waiting for you on the last ascent to the Vitznauerstock. The section is varied and equipped with hand ropes for safety.

You have now arrived at the Vitznauerstock – also known as the Gersauerstock – at 1,450 meters above sea level. It's probably one of the few peaks that has two names - depending on which village you're viewing it from. The first summit cross was created in 1905 and replaced by a new one in 1960. However, it was damaged by a thunderstorm in 1989 and had to be replaced.

The descent is on the other side through the forest in the direction of Fälmis-Fälmisegg. The path is secured with chains and again leads over a small ladder. If you want to take a break there, you have the opportunity to do so on the beautifully situated bench, including a fantastic view of Lucerne and as far as the Uri Alps. A paved forest road continues to Hinterbergen at 1,114 meters above sea level. And once again there is the opportunity for a short break. This time, the sun terrace of the Hinterbergen mountain restaurant invites you to linger, the self-service kiosk offers snacks and drinks.

From here, more precisely from the mountain station of the Hinterbergen cable car, the hike continues on a forest road in the direction of Fäsch, located at 912 meters above sea level. At the signpost, a turnoff leads to the Steigelfadbalm cave. You hike in the direction of Gäbetschwil - Weid with two farms at 838 meters above sea level. From here you can see the Hundsbuch rock, on which the huge Swiss flag is hung in summer.

Now you have a choice: either you continue in the direction of Oberschwanden and from there take the Rigi train back to Vitznau.

Or you can hike in the direction of Weid. And you reach the artillery fortress Müliflue through a part of forest in the Eiwald, over a bridge above the waterfall at 526 meters above sea level. The fortress was built during World War II and is now a museum. Here, a shortcut leads to the village along the stream, past the former Seemli carpentry workshop. This takes you back to Oberdorfstrasse and back to the ship station.

Discover Hiking Trails in Vitznau 

If you arrive by car, you can use the car parks in the village. From there it is only a few minutes' walk to the ship station. When arriving by bus, get off at the "Station" stop and start directly from there. The boat takes you directly to the starting point of the hike.

Before you start, you can get drinks and food in the village shop. The restaurants around the center also invite you to linger before or after the hike and the lake, of course, to a refreshing swim!.