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Gotthard Tunnel Experience

Gotthard Tunnel-Erlebnis | © A. Sanchez

A world record deep under the mountains

The north portal of the Gotthard base tunnel, only 50 km from Vitznau, is at 57 km one of the longest railway tunnels in the world and also the one with the highest rock overburden of 2300 metres. It was built by 2,800 workers, the planning phase lasted 17 years, and the entire tunnel system measures 152 km. The tunnel was opened in 2016 and, together with the Ceneri base tunnel, reduces the travel time between Zurich and Milan to less than 3 hours. The monumental building can be visited in a two-hour guided tour from Erstfeld under an expert guide. A highlight is the inspection of the tunnel window inside the mountain. The tours must be booked online in advance.

  • Erstfeld Bahnhof
    6472 Erstfeld