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Bödmeren Forest

Bödmeren Richtung Silberen-Twärenen | © Stoos-Muotatal Tourismus

A primeval mountain forest

One of the most primeval forests in the Alps is located on a karst area of more than 550 ha. The Bödmerenwald radiates a magical power through the adaptation of the vegetation to the characteristic rocky karst landscape, which is traversed by ditches and furrows. Large, columnar spruces alternate with small, gnarled mountain pines and downy birches shaped by the snow load. Fortunately, the Bödmeren primeval forest has hardly been influenced by humans and has retained its originality. The Bödmeren Forest can be explored on foot on your own on the trail and much knowledge about this unique landscape is imparted in the pavilion. The primeval forest is located at the end of the Muota valley in the direction of the Pragel Pass and can be reached from Vitznau in a maximum of 1 hour by car.